Portable Neck Hammock
Portable Neck Hammock

Portable Neck Hammock

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Suffering from neck pain due to stress or bad posture? Relax your muscles with This Neck Hammock

Many people experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally.

Poor posture, working at a desk for too long without changing position, sleeping with your neck in a bad position are some of the reasons for neck pain.

In these cases, your neck pain should go away if you practice good posture and rest your neck muscles.

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction assistant.

Works by gently pulling the head away from the neck to stretch and decompress the spinal cord, which increases blood flow, oxygenates the surrounding muscles, decreases pain, and increases the mobility of the neck and shoulders.


 Stretches your neck through cervical traction
✓ Oxygenates muscles
 Relieves neck pain

The Portable Neck Hammock is the easiest way to ease neck stiffness and pain, anytime and anywhere.

Takes only 10 minutes a day and is the easiest, most portable, one-size-fits-all solution for your back and neck troubles - perfect for athletes, long flights, business trips, long work days, and more!

The patented straps are designed to wrap around any door, railing, or pole, giving you the flexibility to use the Neck Hammock wherever you want - no more laborious setup or oversized equipment.


  • Made of spandex/polyester
  • No batteries or charging needed
  • High quality
  • Shipping takes from 2-4 weeks internationally.